This is how the Willys Jeep has evolved. 77 years of the myth!

This is how the Willys Jeep has evolved. 77 years of the myth!

The story of the Willys Jeep is one of the most important in the history of the automobile. Born to make a difference in the worst war in modern history, this vehicle has been surviving the time to become a myth of the off-road efficiency , a car to survive any circumstance, no matter how difficult the terrain is. Today, in this video that you have below, you can see its evolution in a clear and concise way. Great job!

It all started in 1940 with the BRC, the Bantam Reconnaissance Car , manufactured in just 49 days for the US military, which demanded a light and efficient transport vehicle. During the war, the primitive Jeep Willys ( test) was decisive, with a very relevant role and its reputation increased significantly. From there, the concept was evolving but always with the same purpose: to be a robust off-road vehicle , light and efficient outside the asphalt. His image, as a robust, almost military car, also helped consecrate that legend.

The Jeep CJ5 was the model that enshrined the original concept and that kept it on the market for several decades. Born in the year 54, he ended up in his successor, the current Jeep Wrangler , in 1987: nevertheless, the time passed, but their forms hardly underwent changes of consideration, beyond mechanical improvements, equipment or the traction system. This Jeep has been with us for 30 years and its evolution has remained light, maintaining its spirit No changes: that has been its main value.

Next year his substitute will arrive, but without major changes in spirit, its forms and its fantastic off-road capability. It will be more refined, better equipped and with a better performance on the asphalt, but surely it will remain an authentic SUV, one more chapter in this beautiful story.

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